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SPARK GTR0509 Triumph Street Triple 765 R / RS / S / Moto2 Edition (2017+) Titanium Semi-full Exhaust System "Konix EVO" (racing)

SPARK GTR0509 Triumph Street Triple 765 R / RS / S / Moto2 Edition (2017+) Titanium Semi-full Exhaust System "Konix EVO" (racing)

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Titanium racing semi-full exhaust system by Spark Exhausts for Triumph Street Triple range of motorcycles.

Elevate your ride with the Titanium racing semi-full exhaust system "Konix EVO" by Spark for Triumph Street Triple 765R, 765RS, 765S, and 765 Moto2 Edition motorcycles. This racing 3/4 exhaust system, designed for standard mounting, features a racing manifold (replica WSSP600) kit with a stainless steel link adorned with a carbon cover, paired with the iconic "Konix EVO" silencer. Weighing in at a mere 2.5 kg, this Spark 3/4 exhaust system delivers unparalleled performance and style, perfectly complementing the aggressive nature of your Street Triple.

Compatible with original motorbikes when combined with Spark's racing collector, this 3/4 exhaust system offers a race-inspired upgrade that takes your riding experience to the next level. Please note that it is not compatible with passenger footrests, ensuring a streamlined look and uncompromising performance. Additionally, the dBkiller is not included, allowing riders to unleash the full potential of their Street Triple's engine sound.

Experience the thunderous roar of your Triumph Street Triple with the titanium racing 3/4 exhaust system "Konix EVO" from Spark. With a sound rating of 106 dB at 5550 RPM without the dBkiller or 99 dB at 5500 RPM with the dBkiller, this racing 3/4 exhaust system delivers an exhilarating auditory experience that sets pulses racing. The silencer, utilized in the SuperSport600 World Championship, boasts a titanium inner endcap and body, accentuated by a carbon outer endcap, combining lightweight construction with striking aesthetics.

Embrace the legacy of racing excellence with Spark's titanium racing 3/4 exhaust system "Konix EVO." Designed as a WSSP600 replica system with a modified manifold design for installation on the original motorbike, this racing 3/4 exhaust system embodies the spirit of competition while providing unmatched performance and sound for your Triumph Street Triple.

  • "Konix Evo" titanium high-mounting silencer with amazing sound of 106 db/5550 RPM (without dB killer) or 99 dB/5500 RPM (with dB killer)
  • Carbon end cap for a nice look and minimum weight
  • Titanium pipe is provided with a carbon cover
  • Not compatible with passenger footrests

▼ Weight: 2,5 kg

🏆 This product is intended for racing vehicles used only in closed-course competition

SKU: GTR0509

Please note that this is an exclusively made product and may take up to 25-30 days for production

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Triumph STREET TRIPLE 765 Moto2 Edition (2023 – )

Triumph STREET TRIPLE 765R / 765RS (2017 – )

Triumph STREET TRIPLE 765S (2017 – 2022)

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